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Beds are problematic areas – they are the perfect habitat for mites. While sleeping, you are exposed to allergens, including mites and their excrement, for several hours, unprotected. Therefore, this is where you experience your greatest discomfort.

The ALLERGOCOVER® cover is the easiest solution to effectively reduce symptoms virtually immediately.

ALLERGOCOVER® has proven a considerable decrease of symptoms in scientific studies. A double-blind placebo and environment controlled study for example proved a significant decrease in both symptoms as well as medication use by 46%.[1]

ALLERGOCOVER® is made of a special microfibre fabric developed by scientists and clinicians to prevent mites and their excrements from permeating your bedding. Light, thin, air and water permeable it also possesses antistatic properties owing to woven in carbon thread. This maximises sleeping comfort – rated as ‚good’ by 93% of ALLERGOCOVER® users.[2]

ALLERGOCOVER® unique properties were awarded high marks by Stiftung Warentest.

Apart from the fabric itself, the security seams and special zips provide very good particle retention.

We are convinced by the quality of our product, so much so that we give you a 12 year warranty on ALLERGOCOVER®!

77% of people purchasing anti-allergen encasings in pharmacies buy ALLERGOCOVER®. Join them and stick with the proven quality of the market leader!.[3]

ALLERGOCOVER®. Good Night. Good Day.


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